The MCU Just Made The Infinity Stones Origin A Plot Hole

With the introduction of the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight, the MCU may have just contradicted the Infinity Stones Big Bang origin story.

Warning! SPOILERS for Moon Knight episode 1.

With the inclusion of the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight, the MCU may have just conspired to create the Infinity Stones. Since the first Thor movie, Norse mythology has played a major role in Marvel movies. Now, Moon Knight brought Egyptian mythology to the MCU. Moon Knight season 1, episode 1, “The Goldfish Problem” mainly focused on two gods, Khonsu (spelled “Khonshu” in the series) and Ammit. While noting an error in British Museum promotional material, Steven Grant, who is unknowingly Moon Knight, also described a group of Egyptian gods known as the Ennead.


However, the inclusion of the Egyptian gods, specifically the Ennead, creates issues with the existence of the Infinity Stones. In guardians of the galaxy, the Collector explained that the Infinity Stones began as six Singularities that existed before Creation. Wong further explained the origin of the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War, describing how the Big Bang converted singularities into elemental crystals and scattered them across the universe. This produced the six Infinity Stones, controlling space, power, reality, mind, soul, and time.

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Egyptian mythology directly contradicts this concept. As Steven explained in Moon Knight episode 1, the Ennead was a group of nine major Egyptian gods. Each of them personified a different aspect of nature, and five of them were responsible for creating the world (via Newsweek). This seems to make it impossible for both universal origin stories to be true. However, the Enneads are very different in Marvel comics from traditional Egyptian mythology, due to both their status as gods and their connection to the world. This way, the Egyptian gods can co-exist with the Big Bang explanation for the Infinity Stones in the MCU.

Moon Knight Egyptian Gods on Ennead Poster

Similar to the Asgardians of Norse mythology, the Enneads aren’t formally gods in Marvel comics. Instead, they are beings who live in a pocket dimension, named Celestial Heliopolis. Due to their travels on Earth, humans began to worship them as gods. Their powers include increased strength, near-immortality, and the ability to wield magic. Yes Moon Knight uses this comic book interpretation, then the Ennead’s status as interdimensional beings should not conflict with the Big Bang.

Similarly, the Ennead is not directly tied to the creation of the universe in Marvel comics. Instead, they are associated with the creation of life. According to Marvel Comics, Demiurge, also known as Nun, was a sentient force that helped seed life on Earth, including the Ennead’s first god, Atum. Many of the other eight gods are descended from Atum, helping to nurture the Earth and spread life. This way the Ennead could still be creator gods producing life while the Big Bang created the universe and the Infinity Stones. This means that although the Egyptian gods initially seem to dispute the origin of the Infinity Stones, Moon Knight can ensure Ennead’s existence doesn’t create a hole in the MCU plot by adhering to Marvel comics’ adaptation of the gods.

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