The Origin’s Hannah Dodd Talks Full Circle Ending, If A Follow-Up Series Is Possible

It’s a wrap Flowers in the attic: the origin.

Saturday’s crowded finale came full circle when Olivia and Corrine locked the latter’s four children in the attic with the promise that it would only be for one night. (In Flowers in the atticthey spend years sequestered.)

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In the final seconds of the episode, the camera focuses on Corrine’s seemingly neutral face before turning to Olivia’s harsher expression and finally, that wooden door with the lock on the outside – all of which hint at the new horrors to come. If Corrine’s expression seemed a little sinister, portrait painter Hannah Dodd says it was intentional.

“I knew she was portrayed as sickly sweet for quite a long time in Flowers in the attic, so I didn’t want it to be this sudden change,” Dodd told TVLine. “But at the same time, it’s nice to show that glimmer of what’s to come. We played it in different ways: just this distance, different facial expressions… Whether you want to read anything in it is up to the audience. [We] I also played around with different voiceovers, just to see what drove people in that direction.

Max Irons in Flowers in the Attic

Max Irons in Flowers in the Attic

The finale also explained exactly what happened to the Foxworths and their acquaintances after that unforgettable night at Corrine’s debutante ball. Corrine and Christopher ran away to get married and start their own family, and Olivia tried to kill Malcolm when his children refused to live under the same roof as him. She staged a fall that left him paralyzed and unable to speak, but still alive (because evil never dies). With him no longer a threat, Olivia took over her family business and Nella moved to New York to pursue her dream of singing.

Meanwhile, Corrine and Christopher have carved out the perfect suburban life with their children before he dies in a car accident, and Harry and Joel have had their happy ending traveling the world together.

“I loved, from the start, the story of Harry and Joel,” shares Dodd. “Obviously it’s completely new [and] not in the book. We’ve all talked about how they’re the only people who truly get their happily ever after. It’s so beautiful that their love can stand the test of this horrible place, and they go out and live their happily ever after. For everyone left, it’s getting worse and worse.”

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On the moment that surprised her…
“That moment when after Steiner is treated [in Episode 3], and Malcolm kisses Olivia for the first time. It was a huge surprise and so twisted. It’s such a simple thing, but so messed up in the worst way that he suddenly had some kind of respect and adoration for his wife for the first time in so many years. Besides, it’s sad that Olivia still needs this from him, even though she turned her back on him and he turned his back on her so long ago. It’s twisted how addicted they all are. They’re so intertwined and it’s so messed up.

Hannah Dodd and Flowers in the Attic

Hannah Dodd and Flowers in the Attic

On a scene that was cut…

“There was one scene that was cut, it was the Corrine abortion scene. [in Episode 2]. I think it works out for the best, but it was heartbreaking. It’s even more heartbreaking now. A few of us have been chatting about it recently with what it was like filming it and how the world has literally changed in the last two months. It was supposed to be a ‘Look how far we’ve come’ [moment] and now it represents something much worse; how some women will go through something like this and how it represents a man who thinks he has a right to have an opinion about a girl’s body. It pushes her to have such an option and there was no better option for her.

If she thinks there may be a follow up Flowers in the attic limited series…
“I don’t know. Obviously the next step is Flowers in the attic and it has been done so I wonder if there is a demand for it. Obviously, with a limited series, you delve a little more into the characters. I’d be intrigued to see what it would look like whether or not we get to it from a different perspective, maybe you’ve seen what’s going on outside the attic during this time. There would have to be a reason to tell this story because Lifetime already did. [and] they did a great job.

What were you all thinking Flowers in the attic: the origin final? Are you happy with where it ended? Rate the episode below, then sound off in the comments.

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