The Student Activities Council hosts an annual fall carnival

Last Wednesday, many students gathered on Helmick Commons to enjoy the annual Student Activity Board (SAB) Fall Carnival, hosted by SAB’s two new “spirit” sophomore presidents, Ashley Dyson and Summer Fields.

According to Dyson, who specializes in politics and history, she and Fields are not only new to their roles as spiritual presidents, but also to the SAB board as a whole.

Dyson said it was admittedly difficult for her and Fields — a triple major in law, politics and society, English and sociology — to learn all the moving parts of their new roles.

“Once we got to grips with things a bit, it was a lot easier to adjust to this new position and plan this carnival event,” Dyson said.

Anna George, a junior who serves as SAB’s vice president of programming, said she thinks the fact that Dyson and Fields are both new made Carnival better than before.

“I always think it’s good when the people planning have never done the event before, because then there are usually new ideas that they bring to the table,” George said. “Then they don’t feel obligated to do what previous presidents have done.”

Dyson and Fields have changed many aspects of Carnival from last year. According to Fields, one of his main goals for this year was to rearrange the inflatables and games to make the event feel less “crowded” than in previous years.

“We tried this year to spread it out and really use the whole Helmick, not just the front end,” Fields said.

Fields also said they opted to remove some of the attractions that didn’t get as much attention last year and swap them out for things people might want to do.

“Like, we just added a normal bounce house because you don’t see normal bounce houses at adult parties anymore,” Fields said.

Additionally, Dyson said they decided to invite Fermata the Blue – Drake’s co-ed acapella band – to perform in addition to the Brocal Chords, who also performed last year.

“I think it added a lot more variety,” Dyson said.

The last major change Dyson and Fields made to the carnival was to invite a Drake student, junior Cameron Lee-Parker, to draw caricatures for the event rather than hire a professional.

“We wanted one of our own student artists because I thought it would add a more personal touch to the atmosphere,” Dyson said.

Overall, Dyson and Fields believe the carnival was a success, as the students who attended seemed to be having a great time. They each said it was difficult to choose their favorite aspect of the event.

“I think my favorite part of carnival was just seeing it all fall into place after planning it for the whole summer…and seeing everyone be happy,” Fields said. “The food was really a big hit, so I guess that makes the food my favorite.”

Although Carnival has only passed, the Spirit Chairs are considering the next two events they have planned for October: the “Taste of Des Moines” food festival on October 12 and the Halloween Spooktacular, which occur in Olmsted around Halloween.

While all of the Spooktacular details aren’t finalized, Dyson said they already have several fun events planned, including a haunted tunnel, an arcade, and a mechanical bull.

“Believe me, there are lots of other fun things planned that cannot be disclosed at this time,” Dyson said, and she encouraged students to attend if they want to experience the fun things that SAB has in store for the evening.

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