The Truth About Game One State of Origin Picks

NSW Blues dominate the first two games of the series in 2021. (Image: NSW Rugby League website)

The first game for the State of Origin Series teams has been selected and there have been several reactions about some players not being selected for the June 8 game in Sydney.

Players such as Josh Addo-Carr, Angus Crichton and Jake Trbojevic were not selected for New South Wales’ opener.

Meanwhile, Queensland failed to select players such as David Fifita, Corey Oates and Reece Walsh for the opener.

There are a multitude of factors explaining why these players were not selected. Here are the reasons.

NSW Blues

Josh Addo-Carr (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs)

Did Josh Addo-Carr deserve to be in Origin Game 1? (Image: Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs website)

In his first 11 out of 12 games played for the club, Josh Addo-Carr managed to score just six tries.

The last time we saw him not score that often was in 2017 in his first full year at Melbourne, where, in the same period from March to May, he scored eight tries.

Addo-Carr added a running game, he is currently 15th in half innings with 28 overall. This places him as one of two players outside the fictional top-20 ranked half position.

Based on his normal season structure, we should see him pick things up in the second half of the season. Apart from not performing well to start the season, here are some other reasons why he probably didn’t make it.

First of all, his height is a problem, measuring only 183 centimeters. That would see him surpassed by Queensland-selected wingers Selwyn Cobbo (190 centimeters) and Xavier Coates (194 centimeters tall).

The kicking game is the most important aspect of the game. High kicking competitions need their best players to have the best chance of winning these battles.

Daniel Tupou, who was drafted at 196 centimeters tall, has one of the best yardage-earning styles of play for his position. In 11 games, Tupou is averaging 166 running yards per game and 61.9 post-contact yards per game.

Brian To’o, although shorter than Addo-Carr, is one of the strongest wingers we’ve ever seen for his height. Last year, To’o in 21 games led the league in post-contact yards, averaging 89.9 per game. In his first six games this season, he is averaging 69.7 per game. Meanwhile, Addo-Carr in 12 games is averaging just 36.3 per game.

Regardless of consistency and having more experience, Addo-Carr’s game depends on the plan of the combination of halves. Addo-Carr’s game when breaking down his game in terms of skill against his peers in his position lacks versatility and possibility.

Angus Crichton (Sydney Roosters)

Angus Crichton’s disappointing start to the season (Image: Sydney Roosters website)

Angus Crichton started the season slowly. This is usually related to how the club got started. With Crichton’s performance this season, the stats don’t help explain why Crichton didn’t start well.

The Roosters in their offense use Crichton in the non-ball aspects of the game. Sometimes he started on the bench with Nat Butcher taking his starting spot.

Players like Cameron Murray have shown their ability to play with the ball and control the middle. Ryan Matterson, who has become one of the best bench players in the game, plays different styles with and without the ball.

Crichton did not stand out against his peers.

Jake Trbojevic (Manly Sea Eagles)

Jake Trbojevic is struggling to find a place in the Blues jersey this year. (Picture: Manly Sea Eagles website)

Manly’s attack has struggled this year compared to their success in 2021. Jake Trbojevic plays the very different lockdown position to where the game has moved in recent seasons.

Trbojevic is a first lock rower who can be a tough line runner. He also plays very aggressively in his game.

The best of Trbojevic’s ability is when he is able to play ball through the middle which can create open space in the game. However, we only see glimpses of this version of the 28-year-old.

However, New South Wales already have a ball player in Isaah Yeo. In Origin and for Penrith, Yeo takes the pressure off his combination of Jarome Luai and Nathan Cleary halves.

Brad Fittler picked his team this time with a strategy in mind. He wants a continuous and scalable system for years to come.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for Jake Trbojevic to be selected due to his slow start to the season and his limited skills in a position that moved quickly.

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Queensland Maroons

David Fifita (Titans of the Gold Coast)

Is David Fifita’s Queensland fit compatible with Slater’s system? (Image: Gold Coast Titans website)

A back rower with David Fifita’s ability, talent and attacking edge should be one of the best players in the game right now.

That’s not the reality of his situation at the Titans. Coach Justin Holbrook who benched him for most of last year’s season was already a red flag.

Since David Fifita joined the Titans, they’ve struggled a lot more than they’ve had success. The 22-year-old hasn’t produced enough if we look at his deal with the club.

There have been games where Gold Coast started well and then all of a sudden the game completely goes away. Although Queensland selects players with a good running game, Fifita’s game is easy to stop.

Fifita is at his best when running with the ball from the dummy half-court, scoring tries more effectively. His numbers across the board are down from how he started the season last year.

Playing in a rebuilding team is part of what is at stake in the second rower’s game. If Fifita was able to develop a Josh Schuster feel to his game, he would be able to take his game to the next level and the offensive possibilities would be endless.

Corey Oates (Brisbane Broncos)

Corey Oates finds form in new Brisbane Broncos look (Image:

This season, Corey Oates has returned to his best form after being in and out of the Broncos’ roster last year. Oates fits the current mold of the winger archetype and has put everyone on notice with his impressive game.

With the racing game being the identity of Queensland, Corey Oates no longer has the speed and acceleration he once had. His teammate Selwyn Cobbo has a stronger running game and has the speed and acceleration that wingers and fastbacks traditionally have.

Since his knee injury in 2020, Oates hasn’t looked the same in terms of speed and acceleration.

Reece Walsh (New Zealand Warriors)

Reece Walsh finds his place in the NRL (Image: New Zealand Warriors website)

Statistically, Reece Walsh started the season better than Kalyn Ponga. Walsh has more tries and assists, yards covered per game and a stronger kicking game than the Knights fullback.

Although Reece Walsh and the Warriors didn’t start well, Ponga with the Knights impacted more games than Reece, who struggled to be that x-factor for his team in the games they had the most. need him.

Ponga fits the Queensland system better with his running and playing ability, something we’ve seen so far in Walsh’s career.

Reece Walsh is in the second year of his career. The 19-year-old has a lot of promise to be special in the league for a long time.

Walsh almost made his debut for the Maroons last year so it’s not out of the question for him to make his debut for them.

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