Who is Jameela Jamil in She-Hulk? Titania Comics Origin Explained

You’re probably wondering who is that woman who crashed into the courtroom like the Kool-Aid Man in She-Hulk: Lawyer has been. Although she didn’t announce herself, it was very clear that she was being played by The right place starring Jameela Jamil. And rest assured, we will see this troublemaker again.

In the Season 1 premiere of She-Hulkwe meet Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), Bruce Banner’s cousin and now, a certified Hulk after a car accident mixed her blood with Bruce’s and turned her into a big green monster, just like her cousin .

But Jen doesn’t want to be a superhero. She just wants to get back to her normal life and focus on her career as a lawyer. Still, Bruce insists to Jen that she can’t go back to how things were before she became the Hulk. Everyone around her is now in danger and trouble will have a way of finding her.

After training in Mexico at Bruce’s small vacation home to acclimate to her new abilities (and trying on her lovely Tiki bar for height), Jen returns to the real world and resumes her job as a lawyer in Los Angeles. But just as she is about to give her final plea for a career-making case, a woman suddenly bursts into the courtroom and begins to destroy the place. So what does Jen do? Spin in the Hulkm of course. She beats the woman and we see the police handcuff her and take her away. But who is this mysterious woman and what does she want?

Here’s everything we know about Jameela Jamil’s character on She-Hulk so far. We’re also going to share a bit of a comic on her, so if you don’t want any potential spoilers, be careful.

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The right place star Jameela Jamil plays Titania.

Cable sitcom fans will probably recognize She-Hulkthe villain of the comedy directed by Kristen Bell The right place, about a woman who dies and is surprised to learn that she has arrived at the Good Place, aka Heaven. As she tries to make sense of her predicament, she meets her soul mate and finds friends and foes along the way. Jamil plays Tahani Al-Jamil, a delusional and wealthy socialite who also met her untimely end.

Besides its role in The right placeJamil also has a plethora of voice acting credits, appearing in Animaniacs, DC League of Super Petsand Harley Quinn.

Titania is an important Marvel supervillain.

Marvel Superhero Secret Wars (1984-1985) #3
Marvel Superhero Secret Wars (1984-1985) #3

Marvel Superhero Secret Wars (1984-1985) #3

According to Marvel, in the comics, Mary McPherran is Titania, a supervillain who gained powers after an encounter with Doctor Doom. Bullied throughout her childhood, Mary always wanted to gain power and fame. When she and her friend (who becomes Volcana) must escape from their hometown of Denver in the famous 80s comic series Secret Wars, Doctor Doom offers them a chance to gain superpowers and aid his army. Mary agrees and begins her villainous career, battling the Fantastic Four, Captain America, and any other superheroes who get in her way.

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Jameela Jamil as Titania in She-Hulk.

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Much like She-Hulk, Titania possesses superhuman strength and sports an imposing physique. While we don’t know what his MCU backstory will be, it will be interesting to see if his origins tease Doctor Doom, or if Marvel will postpone the introduction of such an important villain until a later date.

For now, we know that Titania’s lenses are a bit more… modern. Rather than trying to destroy superheroes or take over the world, Titania on She-Hulk is a booming social media influencer. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her grip on the public, even if it means stealing the She-Hulk name to launch a beauty line, like she did in Episode 5. Her Mid-season attempt to jump on She-Hulk’s newfound fame failed pretty quickly, but as she teased Jen as she walked out of the courtroom, “It’s not over, hater.”

We still don’t know who is the boss of the demolition team that tried to pierce Jen’s skin in episode 3. Could it be Titania? We’ll have to log in to see.

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