Who is Marvel’s Porcupine? Comic Book Origin Explored Before She-Hulk Rumor Emerged

2022 has been an exciting year for Marvel fans so far. It looks like the remaining months of the year will be just as impressive for the community. The comic book publisher is constantly introducing newcomers to the MCU. Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel is just days away from making her MCU debut, and later we’ll see Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk.

Well, those were the main protagonists, now let’s talk about the villains. A rumor swirling around She-HulkThe villain of has taken the internet by storm, and it’s none other than the obscure villain, Porcupine. Now let’s see who the porcupine is and what its powers and abilities are.

Exploring Marvel’s Porcupine As He’s Supposed To Appear In She-Hulk

A US Army weapons designer named Alexander Gentry came up with the idea of ​​inventing a unique porcupine-like combat suit. According to its design, the battle suit would have sharp spines similar to a porcupine. The thorns will be used to attack opponents while protecting the wearer from any attacks. In addition to this, the suit is said to have a feather-like tube used to release gases and chemicals as a defense technique.

Gentry also believed the U.S. government would reward him, but he took it as an insult when no such thing happened. He then swore to avenge his humiliation by using the battle armor to commit crimes in order to get rich.

Porcupine was originally a weapons designer who went evil when he was not rewarded for his invention (Image via Marvel)
Porcupine was originally a weapons designer who went evil when he was not rewarded for his invention (Image via Marvel)

He began his career in crime by robbing a bank the day it opened. Henry Pym, Ant-Man, and his partner in crime, Janet van Dyne, the Wasp, witnessed the entire criminal event. However, they were unable to catch Porcupine as he released the gases he was carrying.

Ant-Man and Wasp caught the criminal-minded porcupine by blocking its spines with liquid cement. However, it wasn’t long before Porcupine once again escaped the duo’s grasp. Later, when Ant-Man took on Giant-Man’s identity and powers, he and Porcupine engaged in the ultimate battle. Midway through the fight, Porcupine consumed what he thought was Giant-Man’s growth medium, but it shrunk his body.

Soon, when the effect of the medium wore off, it returned to its medium size. However, losing to Giant-Man shook his self-confidence, so he decided to join a group of powerful costumed villains. Party members included the original Unicorn, the original Eel, Plantman, and the Scarecrow, and all of these members are sometimes seen supporting Porcupine to defeat his enemies.

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